New York Radiointerview

New York Radiointerview über Walter Trochez mit Adrienne Pine (Quota) and Chicago Rose (QBWT)

Redebeiträge nun alle auf youtube

Hier findet ihr die Redebeiträge der letzten Aktion vom 28.Juni.2010 über youtube. Die Redebeiträge liegen jeweils in Spanisch und in Deutsch vor.

Queeres Bündnis Walter Tróchez Queer Alliance Demo Berlin 28 06 2010 (28.9MB)


Queeres Bündnis Walter Tróchez Berlin – Demo Honduras Embassy

We demonstrated today, the one year anniversary of the putsch regime in Honduras, to show our solidarity with the Honduran Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community and their families, who have suffered and continue to suffer.

Our demonstration took place in front of the Honduran Embassy in Berlin.

We call the Honduran government’s attention to the fact that crimes against LBGTI have gone unaccounted for.
We call on German citizens attention to remove the Friedrich Naumann Institute from Central American (political institution associated with the German FDP political party) who supported the coup by downplaying its significance.

We demand accountable for the murders against LGBTI! We demand safety, equality, liberty and true democracy for ALL Hondurans!

We call on human rights activists around the world to not close your eyes and ignore this nation, Honduras.

In solidarity,

Hier findet ihr die Videodokumentation der letzten beiden Aktionen.

Fotostream von queeres bündnis Walter Tróchez queer alliance

Hier findet ihr die Dokumentation der letzten beiden Aktionen: